Interesting Storage Auction Findings

By which I don’t mean interesting things that have been discovered amongst piles of winnings at storage auctions, but rather curious facts about them culled from Wikipedia.

It appears that notice of storage auctions has to be made in print, legally, rather than on the web, although authorities are being pushed to allow internet only publication at some point in the future.

Unlike a traditional auction, storage auctions are based on what you can see from the entrance point of the unit – no digging around in the storage unit, indeed you aren’t even allowed to touch anything. And no credit cards and bank transfers allowed, this is all done in cold hard cash.

The unit handover may involve a deposit or a temporary rental of the unit.

Anything controlled or dodgy in the storage will probably have already been confiscated by the storage company, so no chances of that!

And as you know, there are endless television programs about these! Can’t be the most expensive to create I expect!


Business Ideas for Self Storage

If you have been at the helm of a successful business for a while and not finding yourself running out of space, you’ve done pretty well I must say.

Huge amounts of incoming or slow-selling stock, legal and accounting papers, and the remnants of various old projects that you might need to look at again one day just in case – they all lead to an endless pile of boxes in spare rooms that threaten to go through the ceiling eventually.

The sensible and professional thing to do is to invest in a small piece of self storage, nice and easy. Speak to some local storage centres and build up a good relationship – they will be only too happy to have a good honest business on board. Having the space will undoubtedly help take your business further, and deals can be done to alleviate some of the stockroom pressures – deliveries can be made straight to the unit and kept for you, and if you need an emergency meeting space they will undoubtedly have a solution ready for you.

It’s definitely something worth considering once you reach the space saturation point.

My thoughts about storage facilities

Self-storage has to be one of the most valued concepts around in the twenty-first century. Have you got too much stuff but can’t afford a bigger house? – just put it somewhere else. Sorted life out and can take your stuff out again? – easy. Nevermind all the technologies and gadgets set out to impress you, that just goes around year after year. This is a real truly useful concept and doesn’t need to be innovative.

Where to find a storage facility near me? Are you kidding – there are loads of them everywhere. Take your car out and drive five minutes around the edge of town, around the industrial parts, and then anywhere where people live or businesses exist, and you will have clocked at least three I reckon.

But which of the three would you choose if you had to pick one? The big place that seems to everything with a bright smiley face, or the small down to earth company that have been around longer than some. Think outside first impressions and all the gloss and determine whether you are getting a) value for money; b) security; c) storage premises in tip top condition. You don’t want a contract that promises so much at the beginning but drains you at the end, flaky security arrangements, and nothing to prevent stored items being affected by basically being stood out in the cold all winter.

Have a good look around, take on advice from friends and settle for the very best you can, as you would if you were finding somewhere to live.